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Successful PILOT PROGRAM with PharmCheck Drug Patch

After doing a successful pilot program with Judge Barbara McCarthy (Sparks Municipal Court) with the PharmChek Drug Patch we are now offering it to all courts in Northern Nevada and the Sacramento area.

The PharmCheck drug patch is a non-occlusive hypoallergenic collection device. The client wears the patch on the skin for

10-day increments which is a deterrent to continued drug use.

With sweat testing-unlike urine- the parent drug as well as the drug metabolite can typically be detected thereby making it easier to identify which drug was actually taken.

Between January of 1998 and July of 2009 the sweat patch has been upheld in federal and state courts approximately 50 times, including a 2006 appeal in federal court heard by former Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, the Honorable Judge Sandra Day O'Connor.

This is a 5-Panel that measures for:

  • Cocaine: Cocaine, Benzoylecogonine

  • Heroin: heroine, 6-MAM, morphine

  • Codeine: codeine, morphine

  • Amphetamines: methamphetamine, amphetamine

  • PCP: PCP

  • Marijuana: THC

Advantages of the PharmChek drug patch:

  • Cannot be diluted like a urine sample

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring

  • Acts as a deterrent to drug use

  • Upheld in Federal Court

  • Used in Drug Courts and Family Court/child custody matters

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