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"Keep The Party Out Of The Car - It Could Save a Life or a Life Time of Regret"


We came up with this slogan many years ago after having met people that came into our office for house arrest or alcohol monitoring who had killed or injured someone in a DUI accident. It tremendously impacted my life.

My husband and I realized that most people will never meet someone on the other side of a DUI who have hurt or killed someone, but I assure you they very much want to start that day over. But they can’t start over.

They can’t take it back! They know they are going to prison and that prison is nothing compared to the life sentence they will have to live with for having taken someone’s life. How about the life long devastation of the families who have lost a loved one because of a drunk driver? I can’t even begin to imagine the lasting pain this brings to entire families. They will no longer be able to hear that person’s voice or call them on the phone.


There will be no more birthday parties or Father Day celebrations. Children are forced to grow up without a parent and parents will forever mourn the senseless death of their child. The families who have-to bury a loved one because of a drunk driver is a grief no one should ever have to endure. This should never happen.


However, this is a scenario that happens EVERY DAY! Each day almost 30 people in the U.S. die from motor vehicle accidents that involve alcohol. It’s hard to comprehend, but as you read this by the end of today 30 people will die because of a drunk driver. This does not include the people who must live with disfiguring burns and life altering injuries. 30 people who will never walk this earth again and the person responsible did not start their day thinking they would kill someone.


There is good news! The good news is that a shift is happening. Education has been a vital component to influencing cultural changes about drinking and driving.


Every time someone calls an Uber, a cab, takes the keys away from someone they know should not be driving or designates a sober driver, is making  a difference.


Intercept is proud to be part of this effort.


Imagine ALL the lives that have been saved!

Marion Straw

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